Problems with Anushri and midi

Problems with Anushri: Im having a few problems. The main issue is that my Arturia Keystep for some reason cant sequence it. Itll work fine as a keyboard and when using the Anushri’s sequencer it works - but i much rather use the Keysteps sequencer since the Anushri has very little visual feedback and its a bit obtuse to use. (Although using its midi less sequencer option is quite interesting)

Hi Cheapmia

If you are using the Keystep to sequence the Anushri via midi, what usually happens is that the Keystep will send out a “start” message to the Anushri that will start Anushri’s internal sequencer. If your Anushri’s internal sequence is empty, it will play nothing or if it has notes programmed, that sequence will play and get transposed by the notes coming in from the Keystep sequence. Look into midi message filtering (either incoming filter on the Anushri, or outgoing filter on the Keystep). I can’t remember what the workaround is for Anushri but you may be able to change the settings for the Keystep using the Arturia app.