Problems Using Rechargeable Lithium Ion 9 Volt Batteries With MIDIpal?

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I have been noticing my MIDIpal freezes when I am using it with my Korg Volcas. I power the MIDIpal with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is alkaline the only battery type that should be used with MIDIpal?

One of the things that I have found MIDIpal can do that I like on the Volca Keys is using the MIDI LFO to sweep between the 5 different voicing options in a sequence.

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Sjon Pelletier

As the Korg Volcas are center pin positive, you can get a barrel adapter and a daisy chain cable to get the Midi Pal to work with your Volcas at the same time. I use the same setup with my two Shruthis and Bass Station rack. You can pick one up wherever guitar effects pedals are sold.

Unfortunately, the Volcas require a smaller sized barrel than the standard, so the size that fits Shruthis, MIDIPals and guitar pedals won’t work.

Get something like this
Correct barrel size for Volca is 1.7mm, I just got a cheap 2.1 - 1.7mm adaptor off ebay and it works fine in a daisy chain with a Shruthi, a Midipal and a Volca. This might be what Audiohoarder was talking about in the first place, come to think of it.

Yes, that is what I was talking about. I think they went with the smaller adapter so that people didn’t try using the common center pin negative power supplies in series with some guitar effects pedals. I think it sucks that they make you get an adapter, but that was my train of thought.

I can’t think of any reason why a battery would cause crashes (unless it’s empty and cause the MIDIpal to operate as a lower voltage than expected). Does your question imply that you did not have these problems when running from a wallwart?

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I just did some trouble shooting and I think the problems I am having had more to do with the MIDI signal coming out of my clock (Volca Beats modified for MIDI out running on 6 NiMh double A batteries) running low on battery power. I was also sending the clock signal into a MIDI Solutions quad through hub that is powered by MIDI to a Volca Keys, Sample and Bass. My MIDIpal was between the MIDI hub and the Volca keys sending one MIDI LFO CC. The NiMh batteries are nice Eneloops rated at 1.2 V 2,400 mAh but perhaps I am still asking too much of them. Perhaps a Lithium Ion solution like the Pedal Juice will be a better solution. Thank you!