Problems updating to v0.91

i just tried to update my shruthi-1 to firmware v0.91 but failed: when going into firmware update mode and playing back the shruthi1_0.91.mid, the first led starts blinking like it should, then the second led starts blinking for only a few times, but then goes off again and the first led starts flickering very dimly and then goes dead. at the same time, the midi output status led on my midi interface changes from blinking regularly to flickering madly and then goes out when the midi file is over. after that, the shruthi won’t boot up.

i was able to restore firmware v.09 - but the shruthi behaved exactly as decribed above while loading v.09: first led blinking, then second led blinking only briefly, then first led dimly flickering.

i was using midibar on a win xp thinkpad and a motu fastlane usb midi interface. both the midibar program and the motu interface are usually reliable.

when trying a cheapo no-name usb midi interface instead of the motu, the firmware upload wouldn’t even start. the leds just all went off when starting midi playback.

any idea what might be wrong and how i could help it?

It’s hard to troubleshoot without knowing what is (and was) on the chip… I have sent a replacement chip - and would appreciate if you could return your bricked chip back so I can look into what happened there.

sure, will do. would you perfer me to send the chip it with the incomplete 0.91 update or successfully reverted to 0.9?

thanks for sending a replacement!

just to make this clear for everyone: i could successfully revert to 0.9 after the update to 0.91 failed. so please don’t hesitate to try to install this update yourselves.

also i’d be grateful for any tipps how to successfully install this update. this might after all just be a problem with the midi tool i was using or whatever. any better tools for this sort of thing under win xp than midibar?

i also tried the “send sysex” function from midiox, but that didn’t work, either.

problem solved:

i just successfully uploaded 0.91 - using an ancient version of the windows media player 9 on my netbook!

I’m having trouble updating firmware, too. I’ve inadvertently set myself an even bigger challenge because I’m running Vista, which removed any sensible options for routing MIDI to external devices. I’ve had to hack the registry:

Anyway, having done that, I can play MIDI files from Windows Media Player (I’m running version 11), via USB to my Novation ReMOTE 49 LE, and down a MIDI cable into the Shruthi-1. The MIDI music files play fine. Unfortunately, when I start the Shruthi-1 in firmware update mode and play the 0.91 file through Media Player, nothing happens. None of the LEDs blink (it just stays with L1, 3, 5 and 7 lit), as if it’s still waiting for me to start playing the file, even though it’s already playing.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anybody been crazy enough to do anything with MIDI under Vista? Anyone know of any programs which definitely do (or definitely don’t) work for firmware updates?

sounds like there might be a sysex filter at work somewhere. does the remote 49 or its drivers have such a setting?

or maybe it’s just media player 11 deciding that it can’t be bothered with sysex?

The ReMote 49 is pretty bad at timing (at least under MacOSX/USB) maybe thats the problem? Why don’t you guys simply use any kind of Sequencer? The timing informations are crucial (the Shruthi is a bit slow writing its eEprom as Olivier pointed out…) and all the needed timings are in the .mid file. Most of the specialized SysEx Programs have their very own interpretation of whats a good timing thus sometimes failing on the Shruthi.

i think that my problems were indeed probably timing problems. but what ElectroDruid is describing sounds different to me: the fact that his shruthi doesn’t react at all seems to indicate that there are simply no sysex messages coming through.

as for why i didn’t use a sequencer program: the only sequencer i have installed is ableton live, and it refuses to import those .mid files. don’t know why.

what’s your recommendation for a simple, free midi sequencer for windows?

I cant recommend Windows at all :wink: . . . but if i was forced to run Windows i’d start here

I’d be pretty disappointed if the ReMOTE was stripping Sysex messages or messing up the timing. The main reason I bought it was as a USB-MIDI interface for my computer, so unless I’m playing about with the keyboard or the knobs I’d expect it to pass through MIDI untouched.

As for using a sequencer, I got Ableton Live with the ReMOTE but I’ve lost the disc (had the keyboard a while, and I’ve replaced my computer since I first set it up), so I’m currently open to any recommendations for half-decent free/cheap sequencers.

For what it’s worth, I discovered and installed Anvil Studio last night, trying to find something that could play the file. Anvil managed to load the .mid and correctly recognised that it was 1:02 long, but couldn’t seem to actually play it - the play button just seemed to do nothing, basically. I’ll probably still play about with it and see if it’s any good for actual sequencing, but it doesn’t seem usable for firmware updates.

Hey ElectroDruid,

having a Keyboard with integrated USB-MIDI was also the main reason getting a Remote49 (SL in my case) but i found the latency when recording unusable bad and even better changing, so i could not just set an offset in Logic. Then i tried some other Interfaces which were better, but not good, especialy in high load situations. So i tried a vintage eMagic AMT-8 and now everything is tight. BTW, if anyone is intersted in a nearly mint Remote 49SL…

@ElectroDruid: have you looked in the anvil studio midi settings for a place where you can enable or disable it to send sysex data? some sequencers have that sort of setting, and “send sysex” might be disabled by default.

or if it really is the novation remote stripping sysex from the midi stream, then that would be a feature that you should be able to disable either on the device itself or in some novation control panel on your pc.

I’ve managed a successful firmware update :slight_smile: I used Windows Vista (with the registry hack mentioned in one of my previous posts), Elektron C6, and this cable, which I bought from Amazon on a whim:

The LEDs didn’t behave as described in the manual, lighting up one by one. They just stayed mostly with L1, L3, L5 and L7 lit, but with L1 flashing quite a lot and L2 blinking on occasionally. However, the procedure appears to have been a success, and I’m now running Firmware v0.91 which seems to have fixed that encoder problem brilliantly.

Just thought this might be of use if anyone else is having problems, to know that Elektron C6 and that cable have worked for at least one other Shruthi-1 user.

hm, that led behavior seems odd.

but i’m glad the update is working for you, too!

A note on the LED pattern seen by ElectroDruid: it is indeed normal behaviour when unexpected events such as note on, SysEx from other manufacturers etc… are present in the stream (this is a kind of warning that someone is sneaking in extra data in your SysEx stream). Man I wrote this bootloader so long ago… but it’s right here in the code

I have no idea what those extra messages could be, but they seem rather innocuous - ElectroDruid told me he did several cycles of upgrade/downgrade and they all went fine. I have disabled this blinking in future bootloader revisions.