Problems! Adding Digi/DSP FX to my XT = dead programmer!

Just built up my digi/dsp fx board and put it into the XT last night, with SMR4mkII as my primary board. It’s now dead. What is the proper walkthrough for installing the dsp fx board as secondary filter board for the XT? …Gave up and went to bed last night. Would like to resolve tonight. Can anyone please just give a straightforward hookup instruct?

All I did was solder the 8 pos pinout on the digital control board to the dsp fx board, filter in/out to the pads on the board, and power form the main switch. Where’d I go wrong. Thought issues with this install would be nil.

Anyone can help?

Whoops, nevermind I’m wrong.

Not sure you can use the XT with a digital fx / DSP board, since they both use the same part of the atmega :confused:

EDIT: I take that back :
“Beware! Only the Shruthi-1 firmware v0.93 or above generates the digital signals required to control this filter board. These digital signals are sent through the output labelled TX>. This means that you can use the programmer and the digital filter board at the same time. To activate the digital filter board, select dsp in the system settings page. If you don’t do so, you will not get any sound from the board.”

Connect the Programmer to the Output Expander Port as usual.

Connect the TX Line from the Output Expander Port to the RX Line on the Filter
Connect the OSC Line from the Digital Board to the OSC Line on the Filter
Connect at least GND

Set filter to DSP and CV to prg and you are ready to go.

Thank you very much Frank. Shoulda just emailed you… do you think I’ve fried anything if I soldered the control board 8 position output to the 8 positions on the dsp/fx board while at the same time having the control board plugged into the SMR4mkII board beneath??? When the screen flickered white rectangles at me I immediately unplugged the dsp/fx board and turned the XT off. I then only had the SMR board plugged into the control baord, and when I cycle power now I get the same… the flickery white rectangles of death.

Basically, would hooking both boards up the same digital control board outputs, simultaneously, fry anything? (the XT board was never disconnected throughout the process)

I should also say that I have had my XT working flawlessly for weeks with just the SMR4mkII Shruthi.

In other news… my Anushri Eurorack kit was just now dropped on my desk here at work.

Man, have I got my work cut out for me at the moment. Also in the middle of further hacking to a poly800 and tr-505.

Need more hours in the day!

Hooking 2 Filters to a single Digital board usually works like charm. Maybe you have a Short somewhere on the DSP Board, have you tried before connecting the whole Mess with the DSP Board only?