Problème son help please


Help please !

J’ai fini de monter mon shruti, super ! je fais les premiers tests sonore (sans boitier) et tout fonctionne nickel le son est vraiment bien, le midi fonctionne.
Mais, tt à l’heure je le monte dans son boiter (métal et bois) je l’allume et vérifie que tout fonctionne et là, c’est le drame…
J’ai un son pourris, un genre de clik sourd à chaque attaque de note midi envoyé et le son du synthé vraiment en fond, a peine audible le potard de volume de ma table à fond, j’arrive qd même à deviner les variations de filtre et de résonance.

Voilà, depuis, je cherche ce que j’ai pu faire, hier tt allé très bien…
J’ai démonté le boitier re testé à nu, changé de câble audio, de câble midi, rien à faire………

A chaque tentative, le même souci…. :frowning:

I had no idea that capybaras were endemic to France, but I saw one, about a month ago, while having lunch next to a canal in Alsace. (true) It looked just like the photo above, about 30cm long, but with a long, rat-like tail. I didn’t think capybaras had tails.

probably a muskrat?

What’s a muskrat? Ah, OK, these things. Nope, didn’t look like that, it really did look just like a capybara. I know what capybaras look like, because I have seen dozens of photos of them on this forum.

interesting. maybe it had escaped from a zoo or farm? are there any capybara farms in alsace?
wherebouts in alsace was that?

i spent a couple of rather pleasant days in and around munster a few weeks back. very pleasant scenery, good walking, good wines. i didn’t see any muskrats or capybaras, though. only cows, horses, and storks.

Just south of Strasbourg, IIRC, was it Osthouse, or Benfeld?


They have the same kind of boxy head.

ah, that’s actually what i meant when i said muskrat (german: bisamratte), my mistake.

they are called wasserratte (water rat) or biberratte (beaver rat) in the part of germany where i come from - that’s why i though of it when bb said that it was sighted near a canal. we had those in my home town, too.

apparently, in english they are known as coypu.

[edit:] ah, pichenettes’s new example looks even more capybaraoid. [/edit]

Yup, that’s the animal we saw. A mini capybara with a long rat tail. I see from WP that it is an introduced pest, with a bounty on its tail.

I used google translate and there seems to be some problem with his lunch table.


Help alsjeblieft!

Ik ben klaar met mijn Shruti, geweldig! Ik maak het eerste geluid testen (zonder behuizing) en alles werkt nikkel geluid is echt goed, de middag werkt.
Maar tt op het moment dat ik in zijn slappe (metaal en hout), ik zet hem op en controleer of alle werken en er is drama …
Ik heb een rotte geluid, een soort doof voor elke lunch clik mee aanval en stuurde het geluid van de synth op de achtergrond echt, nauwelijks hoorbaar volume knop op mijn tafel aan de onderkant Ik kom qd zelfs de filter variaties en resonantie raden.

Dat wil zeggen, aangezien ik zoeken naar wat ik gedaan heb gisteren tt ging prima …
Ik gedemonteerd de zaak opnieuw getest blote veranderd audiokabel, kabel middag, niets te maken … …

Bij elke poging, dezelfde zorg … :frowning:



Help please!

I finished up my shruti, great! I make the first sound tests (without housing) and everything works nickel sound is really good, noon works.
But tt at the time I got into his limp (metal and wood) I turn it on and check that all works and there is drama …
I have a rotten sound, a kind of deaf to every lunch clik note attack and sent the sound of the synth in the background really, barely audible volume knob on my table at bottom I come qd even guess the filter variations and resonance.

That is, since I seek what I have done yesterday tt went fine …
I disassembled the case re tested bare changed audio cable, cable midday, nothing to do … …

At each attempt, the same concern … :frowning:

Ce Google Translate est trop chelou.

No but honestly seems like the exact same problem I’m having with my Steiner Parker filter board.
I’m working on it with occasional emails to Tubeohm and a scope but my guess would be a failure with a specific chip.

Vinz : Désolé, je ne peux pas aider plus que ça. (L’anglais est vraiment LA langue à utiliser ici)
More details would be nice. Like the type of filter board, continuity tests, etc

Hi Shabax , send it simply to me . I will take a look.
I thought in the meanetime it was working ?

@tubeohm : Yeah I didn’t have time to check the shruthi since I’m overloaded with work for the past month and a half. I’ll make some last tests as per your instruction and send it over in case I can’t pinpoint the problem.