Problem - Yarns and Midi Clock to downstream sequencer

My setup us in this instance is

  • Cubase 10pro, PC to USB to MIDI (via Motu midi out)
  • Yarns in 2M mode, Output clock divider 96, Bar duration 0
  • Midi in to Yarns
  • Clock out to Circadian Rhythms
  • Circadian in mode for 24ppqn

This setup works beautifully when Yarns is master clock.

But when Yarns is receiving clock it is sending some horrible time signals out to Circadian. I recorded the clock signal and when midi is connected the clock out is pretty dire.

However, if I test MIDI clock IN to Yarns, then make a sequence with a drum hit on 1 of 4 steps, and output to a drum module (via gate 1 jack so not needing the clock out from yarns) it stays in time for minutes and minutes until I stop it.

So I think the PC Midi is acceptable but something is happening on the way through Yarns and the Clock Out. Additionally recording the clock signal the pulses are very short above the line and longer below the line if that makes sense.

I am on 1.5 firmware.

Help please!

Horrible? Dire? What do you mean? Too slow? Maybe the I/ (input clock division) setting. Irregular?

This is normal.

Can you observe missing pulses?

Interesting. I’ve had a similar problem using midi from Ableton Live into Yarns, then into Pamela’s New Workout. If I remember it well, Pamela’s output was all over the place, i.e. irregular and almost perfectly unrelated to Ableton’s tempo.

Ableton’s clock output seems to be notoriously wonky (I’ve seen other devices slaved to it fluctuate by about 5 bpm, although it was more than that in the above scenario), and to make the chain even more complicated I used my Endorphines Shuttle Mate to convert midi over USB to a regular midi cable before it went into Yarns, so there were a lot of other potential factors to blame before even thinking it could be due to a MI module.

I didn’t investigate further at the time (I started experimenting with using short audio bursts from Ableton as an analog clock signal into Pamela’s) but I’ll give it another try as soon as I can (double-check all settings in Yarns, double-check if Yarns’ arpeggiator/sequencer follows Ableton’s clock correctly – which I think it did in my original test –, investigate the pulses with an oscilloscope, test the Shuttle Mate’s midi clock conversion…).