Problem with voltages in SMR4

Hi! I’m assembling my Shruthi-1 (Just get a kit last week :smiley: ) and i found a problem while checking the voltages of the power supply (step 4 of the guide). All the pins that have to be at 0v are OK, but I read 5.04v in all positives and -5.03v in all negatives. I checked all the polarities and the value of the caps and the regulators and they seem to be right. I also checked with 2 different DC supplies and i get the same results.

I’m using a cheap multimeter that says that his precission may vary +/-(0.5%+2)V so i’m in range but i wanted to know if its too risky to continue or if its a symptom of an assembly problem. Thanks in advance!

I think it’s ok you shoudn’t worry about those “small” drifts.
If you’ve read +6V or 5,5Von the positive rail there would have been a problem; also reading, say 3V on the ground is a real problem , but here you are in the tolerance specs of the regulators and it seems there is no shortcut between the and - power rails.

Anyway you won’t burn anything with so small variations of voltage.

Good luck for the rest of the process.

On cheap Multimeters (like my Mr.Voltcraft) the reading seems to depend somewhat on the status of the internal Battery. I read 4,8V, after replacing the batteries 5,05V…

Thanks for the responses! Its the first synth that i build so i wasn’t sure about the sensitibity of the circuit, nice to hear that i can continue :slight_smile:

Hey Youmakeme,

absoulutely no problem, better you as a question when you are unshure than chasing after faults on a board that is 2500km away…