Problem with voltage overload in first segment of my Stages module

So I just picked up Stages for my new rack, and I’m deciding whether or not this was a problem I caused before I contact the seller. Here it goes;

It seems like voltage builds up in the first segment and gets discharged at given intervals depending on the patch.

Over time, the red led will start to glow brighter and brighter until the voltage is discharged elsewhere, seemingly to another segment as I will often get ‘missed’ notes when using the rest of the segments as a sequencer.

I suspect this is also causing a noise issue when I use the other segments on ‘step’ mode. On the sliders, levels ‘1 through 10’, at about 3 and 8 the voltage will come out as white noise confusing the shit out of a quantizer, for expample.

I can post an example here if anyone is interested, although I’m hoping this is an easy fix.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don’t understand what you are describing. Can you post a video?

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Thanks, for your response. Of course, like most problems it took a bit of time to get it to present itself when trying to be diagnosed.

In this video this is the chain; Clock > Stages > Shades > Pico Quantizer > Rings’ V/Oct > VCA

You can see Stages putting out negative voltage both on its own LED as well as Shades’ LED.

Stages being wonky video

Audio wise, Rings gets triggered normally, until this voltage builds up. Then you can hear it miss a few beats, and then stutter before going back to normal; only after the negative voltage discharged through the system, indicated by both Stages and Shades negative voltage LED.

Also, this doesn’t just happen on the first output. All the outputs are affected as far as I know.

sorry to post this here, i just learned of this forum and how to handle these issues.

Two questions:

  1. If you put all segments in RAMP mode (green), without patching anything into the gate inputs, are all outputs at 0V (LED off)?

  2. If you put all segments in RAMP mode (orange), without patching anything into the gate inputs, all sliders to the minimum, are all outputs at 0V (LED off)? Or are some of them red?

About every 30 seconds, the Red LED in Segment 1 will flicker (just like in the video), getting brighter and brighter until going back to 0V. Occasionally, the segment 2 led will go just below 0V as I get the faintest glow when segment 1’s red led glows brightest.

The above applies to both ramp and step mode with the sliders in any position and only the first two segments at worst.

Is your power supply stable?

Would I need to put my oscilloscope to it to know for sure?

I’ve put a multi-meter to my distribution board. It reads -12.18V…11.9V…5.1V
Plus the problem persists when Stages is the only module plugged in.

Is that discrepancy from 12.00V enough to cause the issue?

ps. the PSU is a Meanwell RT-65B, if that’s at all valuable info.

You can try sending me back the module, but my gut feeling is that it’s going to be the kind of problem I won’t be able to reproduce once the module is on my bench.