Problem with the way of an IC on 60 knobs

Hi , i know 60knobs is not a mutable instrument put my question can be general everything work but in disorder and i have a doubt on the way of an IC ,not the socket but the way of IC in the socket cause there is no half circle mark like on the socket it s a 6N137 and there is only a little dot on the corner of it and the inscriptions 6N137 on the IC and on the PCB i don t know what i got to follow ? and if i try the other way of the IC can it damage it ?
thanks a lot for your answer ben G

The circle normally indicates pin 1. Normally if you orient the IC in a way that the text can be read from left to right, pin 1 should be on the bottom-left.

yes thats it i finally put it in a way can be read the circle is at the bottom left but its not clear on the shems wher should be pin 1 but do you think it could be damaged because i pluged it in the wrong way at the begining ?
thanks a lot for your help

On the IC you’ll be able to measure the voltage drop of the internal diode across pins 2/3 (check the datasheet).

On the PCB you’ll be able to measure the power supply (+5V) between pins 8/5. Other components will also help you to identify the orientation.

Don’t plug in the IC backwards unless you have a spare to insert the other way around :slight_smile: (actually it might be okay but I wouldn’t recommend it!)

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hi finally the problem was coming from the firmware of my lxr i had a bredan clark firmware and i needed the old midi software of 60K to make the new midi map but guys of bastl was very helpfull ! they gave me all explanations
anyway cheers for help have a nice year ben