Problem with Rings / Sympathetic and Modulated Resonators sound the same

Hi everyone - I have a problem with my Rings and I don’t get it… Sympathetic and Modulated mode sound exactly the same. Tried updating the firmware, but contrary to the described updating process, the lights keep flashing orange and nothing happens. Used balanced and unbalanced cables, no difference. Anyone a clue what else I can try?

…and just noticed, that the secondary modes (flasing led) with all resonators sound the same as if they are in original mode…

Please don’t do that, this won’t solve anything. If the module powers on, the firmware is fine!

  1. Is the module new or second-hand?
  2. Has it always done that?
  3. Is it behaving like Rings or like a string/organ synth?
  4. Can you post a video?

oh wow, how fast. I bought it at Studiosounds in Berne, a client has brought it back. As I was new to modular some months ago, I thought it must be normal that it doesn’t do anything much different with the other modes. was a bit shocked in a positive way when I saw a video yesterday and finally found out, that it behaves weird. Easter egg mode is functional, ever was. To me it sounds like an organ/string synth all the way in all modes.

Then maybe your module is in the organ/string machine easter egg – in which case the mode selection button only selects a post-processing FX (whose intensity is controlled by POSITION).

Maybe you can try bringing the module out of the easter egg!

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was about to send the video, but I think this is it. will try, thank you for your fast help. In love with your modules by the way! <3

ok, I’m in heaven now! thank you so much for your help, wonderful!