Problem with my Shruti (1st time builder)

Hello everyone!
I have just finished to build a shruti midnight edition but when I tried to power it, nothing happened…
I made a mistake on the control board assembly, I had solder the ATMEGA644p directly on the PCB
without using the socket. Is that possibly the cause of the problem?
Also i cut the lenght in two of the 6 pins and 8 pins that connect the 2 PCB together. Maybe it’s to short to
connect this correctly? I have verify the rest (components, IC,…) and all seems to be soldering well and in the good direction.
The power supply i used is 9V 300mA, that 's good?
Thanks for your help cause my moral is decreasing after two days spending to solder…

Check that the ATMega644p is not soldered backwards.

Have you done the voltage tests on the filter board? What is the voltage on the +5V pin of the control board?

Did you do the Power Tests described in step 5 of the assembly instructions? What are the results?

Do you have a multimeter? Did you do the power supply test in the build guide? Can you check if you have 5V on the control board?
It could still be ok with the ATmega644 soldered on… As long as you didn’t put excessive heat in it.

fast faster fastest…

Thanks a lot for the very fast response!
No multimeter at home, i’ll go buy one this afternoon and I let you know!

maybe this helps once you got a meter:

I have test everything with the multimeter, it was a problem of polarity
of my power supply. Now i have the 5V between the two points you mentioned.
But I have another problem… all the leds and the LCD working well, but nothing
is write on the LCD…Is there something else to do to start the LCD?

I find my response! All is working fine!

Congratulations :slight_smile: