Problem with my CV ins/outs?

Hey guys,

Yesterday, one of my school buddies told me that he suspects my Anushri is putting out too high voltage from some of the CV connectors.
Some time back, we were playing around with the Anushri and his modular.
At one point, I connected the Anushri to the CV out on quantizer 2 of his Doepfer A-156 Dual Quantizer module.
I’m not sure exactly where I connected it to the Anushri, so I might have tried a few different ones. However, nothing worked.

Yesterday, he told me that the mentioned CV output has been dead ever since and he suspects that the Anushri did it.
I have measured all 12 CV connectors on the Anushri while it is playing, and the highest voltage I get is 4.99V from the gate out.

To me, it seems unlikely that the Anushri caused this. But what do you all think about this?
Any suggestions on how I should adjust the Anushri in order to put out the maximum voltage on the CV outputs and see if anything goes above 5V?

hmmm, i’ve killed 2 soundcards with the audio out of my shruthis, but CV? i mean even 12V wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for gate, or is it?

Wow, that’s scary! With risk of derailing my own thread, how did that happen? Did you connect it through Hi-Z pre-amplified inputs or line?

I don’t know what the ordinary voltage for gate should be. 5V would be my guess because my Anushri is so close to being spot on 5V. But part of the reason I’m asking in here is that I’m unsure which voltages should be expected from the different CV outputs.

It sounds more like the device was already dead before you connected the Anushri.

I agree. It worked just before I connected the Anushri, but still, it might just have decided to die just before I plugged in. Really poor timing!

with me it was actually no surprise. Shruthi’s known for being hot anyway and i tried to tune it while recording in audacity (my way to get the sound in the pc)
i could only hook it to the mic in as the line in and out hadn’t ever worked since i got the laptop, which indicates problems before i plugged it in. well i tuned the resonance oscillator, you know. that’s some extra power even hehehe.
i never had problems with my normal desktop pc soundcard. the next i managed to kill with the same method was just a cheapo usb card that only allows to use a headphone and mic, 2€ affair.
in the meantime i’ve returned to common sense and now use an old tape deck for such stuff at home, has a headphone amp too…

Thanks for explaining. Maybe you need to save up and buy a better audio interface! ;o)
Speaking of which, I just bought a new/used sound card, so my old one is for sale.
If you have firewire in your machine, maybe you would be interested? It’s an Edirol FA-66 and has 6 inputs and 6 outputs. 2 of the inputs have pre-amps and the other 4 are line inputs - 2 analog and 2 optical S/PDIF.
Drop me a private message if you are interested and we’ll find a fair price :slight_smile:

To kill a CVout by connecting a Voltage to is is a bit unlikely as it should be protected - if not its a bit of a poor design (no offense, Dieter ;) ). If you fried something its most likely an OpAmp, so maybe you check of the output is driven by some kind of TL07x (common in Døpfer Modules at least in mine) and just replace it.

The Anushri is only capabla of outputting CVs in the Range of the onboard Regulators - that are 7x05s for nice shiny ±5 V. Any Modular Equipment should withstand this.

The thing you are looking for is called a Mixer. Get one!

Thanks for the info!
And yes, you are right, a mixer would be a good way for rosch to go as well.

i have only one mixer but not at home. i’d better get my ass up and buy a replacement rectifier tube for my beloved amp :wink:
interesting thing the audio interface, wouldn’t go amiss. i have firewire, albeit the small jack version but i guess there are adaptors. gonna pm you about it