Problem with my anushri synth

I think I screw up the PCB for the assembly of components because I had my problems when all the component was installed and all solders achieved.

I have a correct soldering iron, tweezers, “sucker pump” and full of small tools

Good luck then



Finally, i’ve decided to build a new anushri with new components. On one hand i’ve bought a PCB set on mutable’s website and on other part I’ve bought all component on mouser electronics.
And it works fine without any issues. Anushri sounds very good

I think i can troubleshoot my first anushri but that will not be beautiful to look.


Good Call Brun - now you have a working one to help troubleshoot the first, so with a bit of work, you will have two :slight_smile:

Certainly it will be very easy to test which chips are working by swapping them out on your working board.

Nothing wrong with battle scars!