Problem with Midi MMC commands (Start/Stop)?

I’m using FW 1.0 (modified) and I think there might be a problem with Midi MMC’s.
In my setup the Korg EMX is the master, sending Midi clock. Shruthi-XT is set to “ext” clock in sequencer mode and working fine in regards to the clock. Unfortunately the Shruthi does not respond to MMC (Midi Machine Control) commands like Start or Stop. Also after sending a Stop signal the Shruthi is playing the sequence.

I checked the data from my EMX and it is sending 0xFA and 0xFC (beside the clock) commands. So the EMX is not the problem. Does anybody experience the same problem?

This might be a problem with my code but I just wanted to doublecheck first.

EDIT: The Korg EMX is always sending Midi clock (0xF8) signals also after a STOP command but this should be the correct behaviour.

O.K., solved it.
I analyzed the stream directly at the EMX out but was connecting the Shruthi through a chain of two devices. One of it filtered out the Start/Stop messages but not the Midi Clock.


have you tried slaving it to something else?

No, because I analyzed the data stream coming from the EMX which is correct (0xF8, 0xFA and 0xFC). So using a different machine would not make any difference.

Odd, it states in the manual

"Play and stop (0xfa and 0xfc)

The Play message must be sent to activate the LFO, arpeggiator or sequencer when the bpm setting is set to external. The Stop message kills all notes and stops the sequencer or arpeggiator."

Yes, right but unfortunately it does not work like that for me. :frowning:

Hooray! Glad I looked at this so late!

Yes, but you should know: in more than 50% of all the cases the error is sitting in front of the device. :wink:

That’s a recurring support solution classic: the good old PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair :smiley:

You mean a classical Layer-9-problem ? Or the ID10T issue … Maybe PICNIC (problem in chair, not in computer) ? :wink:

A beloved child has many names - old proverb in Sweden and Finland :wink:

Edit: saw it was in use in Denmark and Germany too. Great stuff, that invention of language (ab)use.

The very polite euphemism would be - the problem exists on the other side of the glass, referring to the poor soul looking at the screen :smiley: I managed to use that one and the person I spoke to thought I saw “their error” on my monitor… and the LOL was mighty around the office!

“Kært barn har mange navne.”