Problem with MIDI clock, step sequencer and Renoise


I’m not very lucky getting a step sequence to properly line up to some notes when using Renoise. I have set Renoise up to send notes and clock, Shruthi is set up to mod stp and bpm ext and the beat LED is happily blinking along with Renoise’s clock. My test pattern contains one note that gets sent via MIDI, and playing it without beat sync works like a charm. The sequence starts at the note and keeps running for a bar, making it possible for subsequent notes to fall into the sequence. That changes when sync is on because the sequence is kept running.

The problem I’m facing is that while the beats get synced up, the position of the sequence specifically does not, because the sequence is longer than one beat. With 4 beats per sequence it has a 25% chance to line up right. So unless I time things correctly when pressing play it will be offset by at least a beat or multiples thereof, and when rendering to file there may be delays introduced by file-writing etc. making manual timing a challenge or near impossible.

A way to manually reset the sequence to step 1 would be helpful (via MIDI perhaps, I would just execute that in parallel with the note) but so far I’ve not been able to find any parameter that does it. Does anyone have another idea to make things actually line up correctly? I would switch off clock sync, that fixes the problems for short passages, but I don’t want to risk the two clocks drifting apart in longer projects. Sending Start/Stop transport messages via MIDI also doesn’t seem to help much.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

P.S.: on a related note a small bug report: When I turn off clock sync in the exact moment Shruthi has the BPM LED on, the LED will get stuck, being permanently on 100% if it was the first beat or 50%(?) if it was any of the others.