Problem with frames : do I do something wrong

I’m new to your wonderful modules and enjoying them… except with Frames which I don’t succeed to make work properly, I don’t know if i’m doing things wrong or if my module has a probleur
It’s a brand new module ( so no parasite involved)

I turn mod knob to max
I put one triangle wave osc on input 1, one square wave on input 2
I set first frame, end left of the rotary, in 1 max, all others minimum. press add, I hear the triangle wave, Input 1 led is lit
I move the rotary to the end right, input 1 = 0 input 2 = max , add a frame ( tried to add the frame before or after moving the knobs , same end result) the input 1 stays lit, not the input 2, noise doesnt change
I try to turn the big knob in very direction, no sound change, input 1 stays lit
I put an lfo in the mod source, sound is now moving between the 2 frames but it spends way more time on the left frame. if main knob is set to left it stays on 1st frame, if it’s turned far right it stays 2/3 of the time on first frame / input 1

I tried to change curve between frames ( choosed the smooth one @10 o clock) no change
I reseted the module several times, no change. turned the system off, waited for a night, etc… no change
is it me or the module ? it’s brand new so maybe I should return it to the seller…( modularsquare)
thanks in advance


You did not specify which LFO you use. This depends on whether your LFO is unipolar or bipolar, and on its voltage range. You can change this by adjusting the position of the big knob, and by adjusting the MODULATION attenuverter. For example, with a +/- 5V bipolar LFO, the big knob will have to be at 12 o’clock (because the bipolar LFO will make things move before and after this position), and the attenuverter at 3 o’clock to get an equal time between the first and last frames.

This rarely solves problems!

Thanks Pichenettes for the fast support ! appreciate it
will check with various lfos ( I think I tried minibrute 2 and stages)
in case my lfos are unipolar is there a position that should work ?
is it logic that the manual turn of the big knob doesn’t change frames ?

Yes, big knob at the minimum.

No, this looks like a calibration problem. You can try powering the module on with the DEL button pressed, and nothing patched into the module. This should reset the calibration of the CV input!

Big knob at minimum = just frame 1 = not expected result so yes will try calibration tonight
thanks again, both for the incredible support and the incredible modules

That was calibration !