Problem with dual svf assembly [SOLVED]

Hi community again a problem with me :wink:
i just finnish the assembly of the dual and i put the control board of my smr-4 on it all seem to be ok but no sound !
i read all the things i found on it before asking my question :
how can i get sure that both the analog (CV1 to +5V) and digital (RX to +5V) ports of the filter and control boards are connected ?
when i look the 2 pcb connected they are not not like that
cv1 is on cv1; cv2 on cv2;q on q, ect… i don’t get the thing !
please a lit a bit help would be much apreciate friends !

The filter board has 2 sets of connectors : 1x8 (+5V, GND, OSC> … CV2) and 1x6 (+5V, GND, Q7’<, TX<). Both should be connected to the matching connectors on the digital board.