Problem with digital square wave on CVpal

Hi there. I have just finished building the CVpal but have found the digital square wave feature is acting strangely. I am running Logic to trigger notes into the CVpal. The squarewave plays normally so long as I play it via the midi keyboard and do not press play on Logic. As soon as I press play then the square wave gets clipped short to about a 1/16 note length. So if I record a sequence for the square wave it pays back as very short staccato notes only. Can anyone help me with this?

Do you have a recording? Maybe logic is sending an extra low note?

Could you accidentally be sending the CVPal notes on another channel? It could be switching between two modes, as it receives data on more than one MIDI channel.

To test if this is the cause, try soloing the track you’re sending notes to the CVPal, and see if that fixes it.

You could also check Logic isn’t sending out metronome notes to the CVPal.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, I’m not sure what was happening but I switched around the midi channels that I was using for different instruments and now it works normally. I guess something else was also sending it midi data!

Cool, glad you solved the problem!


I have been playing with the square DCO on Copal tonight and experienced similar problems:
At random interval the square wave disappears. When recording gate signals on channel 1 I have not seen any pulses missing (that doesn’t mean they might do, it’s hard to record gate pulses on an ac-coupled interface…).
It only happens when I send lots of notes over midi, never if it rests on the same note.