Problem with arp warp pattern ping-pong 2?

Hi, I’m just familiarizing myself with my new shruthi and I noticed something that didn’t work as expected: the >< warp pattern for arps.
I booted shruthi, put in arp mode, range to 2 octaves and played C,E,G,B. in > mode it does as expected, cycle through 1234, then 5678 which are the same notes again an octave higher, same in reverse for < mode. I expected >< to be 123456787654321234 … etc but it turns out it’s actually 5678123432187654567812321876543456781218765432345 … etc. so it’s wrapping around and shifting down one note every iteration.

What can cause this, is this expected, does it happen to anybody else and what do I do to get 123456787654321234…?

The warp modes have been implemented to alter the order of steps in the step sequencer. Their behavior/interaction with the arpeggiator is unspecified.

Ah ok I understand. Then I’d like to put this on my wishlist for future firmware updates :slight_smile: