Problem with anushri pads?

Hi all and Pichenettes

I’m at the debut of soldering résistors for the power supp and I found some bizarres pads, you can see on the photos,
with quasi no metal ring, four marks around and very difficult to solder compare to others.
I,t the first time I notice that. Is there a fabrication problem with the PCB or must I take more care to my soldering technique?
See, they look différents…

thanks in advance

It’s called a thermal. Its a connection to the ground plane, the cross pattern is there to actually make it easier to solder to since it limits the surface area the pad has that is directly connected to the ground plane. This will be a bit more difficult to solder because even with the thermal pads, the ground plane is a big heat sink so it takes more heat to wet the pad and part and get the solder flowing. Turn up your iron a bit a hold the tip to both the part and pad a bit longer and you should be fine

These are Pads that are connected to the Ground Plane via these 4 small Bridges, called Thermals. Thermals are to reduce the amount of heat the Groudplane sucks up while soldering. If you have problems soldering these then your Soldering Iron is Way severly underpowered.

Hi, altitude and thanks for the response,
so, I don’t have to stress :slight_smile:

many thanks:)


Hi Frank and thanks too :slight_smile: