Problem when making prog change from program with 2x unisono to program with poly mode

when I do so, in poly mode only the first three voicecards will play. no matter how many keys I hit.
when I go into the menu and manually switch again to poly mode, everything is fine again.

when I do the same from mono mode, switching to a program with poly mode, there is no problem.

Does anyone have experienced the same or any idea where the problem could come from?
I reinstalled the voice1-6.bin from the homepage, as well as the ambika.bin but no change

You had to switch the unused boards to on. Look to the manual. There is an option with 6 layers.
First you must switch all voicecards in the layer 2…6 to off, than you can switch on layer 1 all voicecards to on.greets

thanks tubeohm. they’re all switched on. I always only use one single midi channel with all voices

I’m still having this problem.
did no one else here noticed this behavior?

just tried again.

problem occurs no matter if I change a program manually on the Ambika or via prog change.
If I have a program running with say mode: 2x unison - all 6 voices are running, then change to another program with mode: poly - THEN only the 3 first voicecards are playing.

when I then change the mode on that active program to mono (doesn’t matter which mode, just have to switch) and then back to poly - ALL 6 voicecards play again!?

and this problem only occurs with 2x unison
if I change from a mono program to a poly program, no problem

ps: no matter if smr4 or ladder filter voice cards

I’ve found the culprit very very recently, I’ll post a firmware update later…

oh, thanks a lot!

Does this fix the problem?

now it works. thank you.

unfortunately I have to get rid now of the filter page mod from the modded firmware of a forum member.
I think, you’ll know.
the note and velo amount. I liked it a lot. Do you actually have any plans for the three blank positions on the filterpage?

I had plans which had been cancelled.