Problem uploading Midipal firmware

I’m trying to update the firmware on my Midipal, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m using C6 with an E-mu 1x1 usb interface. It appears that the file is loading (lights blink on the Midipal while the sysex is being sent) but it doesn’t reboot when finished, it just stays on a blank screen. Any ideas what could be going wrong? Cheap midi interface causing an issue maybe?

Same Problem

“cable”-type MIDI interfaces are known for dumping SysEx messages. Try a very slow transmission speed that will not overflow their ridiculously tiny buffers.

I set the delay to 2000ms. But the update doesn’T work. Is there any other setting in C6 slowing down the data rate.

that sounds way too slow , 2 seconds? try 250ms or more likely 350ms

I tried every timing in 100ms between 250ms and 2000ms. It does not work.
The LED blinks after each reception, and stays On when C6 stops. But after this nothing happens.

hmm, turbo is set to none? I don’t think there is a lot more to change with C6, I will check and get back to you.
you could try Midi-ox

Take a peek at the MIDIbox MIDI interface blacklist and the corresponding whitelist. If there are sysex problems with those for MIOS, I wouldn’t bet the farm that those interfaces on the blacklist work reliably for any other sysex either.

Probably not relevant but I had some similar problems happening while sending sysex to a vintage synth with midiox once. I had to increase the buffer size to more than the size of the sysex message for it to work. That particular synth didn’t like multipart messages…

Jackpot :slight_smile: , my CME interface is on the Blacklist.

I works. I tried it with my MidiBox Midio128 and the MIOS Studio 2.4.

I’m impressed again and again about the capabilities of the Midibox products. (also MI :slight_smile: )

I suspect that C6 only allows the delay between packets to be controlled - not the transfer rate itself.

Thx for the links to the lists @Jojjelito.