Problem starting up for the first time - XT

so i just finished assembling my XT, and i am having problems starting it up. at first, i was getting nothing but the far right LED lighting up. turns out, i had 24LC512 in the wrong orientation and also IC2 and 9 were switched. dumb i know. now, upon plugging in i am getting all LEDS flashing, as well as the display, for just a second and then nothing. occasionally the LEDs will stay lit. did i fry my ICs? if so, where can i get replacements?i went back and reflowed solder (took out all ICs first) on the filter board, but im fairly certain that the control board connections are all solid. thanks for any help you guys have to offer, really want to get this thing up and running.

UPDATE: now i am just getting a flash, and then the far left LED lighting up

The 24LC512 is memory for additional patches, so frying that shouldn’t necessarily do anything to the rest of the synth. Can’t remember what the diagnostic for switching IC 2 with IC 9 is… Sorry :confused:

Thanks for the help anyways! at least i know that that chip isnt crucial. I am pretty new to this, this was my first build ever. I assembled it for my advanced electronic sound synthesis class which i am taking for my minor in electronic music. i had a help soldering from my professor who is a wizard at electronics.