Problem soldering the main audio in/out connectors

Thank you for the help.
i busted a part of the circuit that goes to the in out conector. i tried soldering many times but every single time i soldered the conector it had bad contact. would connect the cable to my mixing board and sometimes it would work wth no noise, then if i moved the synth around it becomes noise, so had to touch the conector, move around so fnd a sweet spot with normal sound and not noisy.

So by the pictures i need to do a bridge so i conect the conector to its proper transistor or where ever it leads to.
Can someone help me??
Thank you so much… Am a newby, its my first soldering project.

what is the second leg of the j7 conector??? from left to rightor right to left? coud you please circle the second leg of the J7 conector?? thank you

You need to solder a wire from the leg of the jack to the second pin of the J7 connector. See the image below:

On the picture I have posted above, there’s a line between the two points that you have to connect.