Problem restoring factory patches

Hi All,

I’m hoping you can help. I’ve purchased a second hand Shruthi-1 in a lovely cream & blue metal case with wooden sides. I wouldn’t have had a hope of building it myself. I’m trying to restore the factory patches as some had been overwritten and simply cannot get it to work. I can successfully update the firmware using the Elektron tool as suggested in the manual. (I’ve tried on 0.96, 0.97 & 0.98). Currently running 0.97.
I’ve ended up with a strange set of patches with lots of duplication of ‘wasp’:-
1 - wasp
2 - moof?
3-8 - wasp
9 - shorty
10 - wasp
11- wasp
and so on.
Although called ‘wasp’ the patches are clearly different and I definitely recognise patch 13 as the 303 patch.
All features of the synth seem to work exactly as they should and it sounds great.
I’ve tried the sysex of factory patches using the Elektron tool with delay settings from 250 to 1000 m/seconds. No joy.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong here? I do hope it doesn’t need any components changing as I don’t think I could do it.



Paul,similar thing happened to me on a recent build, I still have not figured out what is causing it. How far up numerically does the problem go?


Hi Randy, all the way to 128. Above that is all ‘user’ as expected.

Also it wasn’t like this when I received it. Only the first 6 or so patches had been overwritten.


Maybe he had a custom OS on it.

Did you just load OS 0.97 or also the factory data syx file? Maybe that’s the problem. Just load the factory data file.

That is odd because those patches are in two different places. Updating the firmware should also restore the first 128 patches.

The first few are on the ATMEGA and the others are on IC4. Sounds like you’re using the Elektron C6 tool for restoring the patches. Which setting are you using for the delay? The manual suggests 250ms and turbo limit set to ‘none’.

Thanks chaps,
@ Mr_Roboto, loaded firmware by holding down S6 when powering on. All lights behaved as expected, L1, L3, L5 & L7 lit. Start the sysex transfer in Elektron C6 tool, LEDs light to show progress. Works a treat. Confirms which firmware revision is installed once completed. I can do this every time back and forth between 0.96 & 0.97, no problems. Then I separately try to install the factory data, without booting into firmware update mode.
@ piscione, I read that about the patch storage locations on another thread. As above I’m using Elektron C6 to load the factory data, using 250ms delay (I’ve also tried increasing this), turbo limit set to none. As the firmware works it makes me think I’m doing something wrong, or it’s something to do with my setup? I’m using a PC running Windows 8.1 (x64) and the audio interface is a Lexicon I.onix U22. I’ve also tried a cheapo USB to midi interface with the same results.
Any other suggestions?

Are you sure that you are really using an original factory data sysex file?
Sounds really strange to me, maybe related to a hardware problem?
When loading the patch file can you see some special characters coming up on the Shruthi display (upper left or right corner)?

I’m using the download linked from other threads here. Mainly get a # but have seen the ! or pitch bend/mod symbol.

I fixed it. I had a midi cable in the midi out (configured as a thru) back to my audio interface. Removed that and it worked first time. Might be an obvious thing but I’m a novice. Now to start filling the rest of the memory with my own patches :slight_smile:


Great, happy to hear that you sorted it out.