Problem replacing the front panel on Stages

Has anyone tried to replace the front panel on a stock MI Stages?

I have replaced the panels on a huge percentage of my modules and I’ve never had any problems until now.

I just received the new Magpie panel for Stages and found that I couldn’t budge the two screws that are just underneath the SHAPE/TIME attenuators. I’m afraid to use too much torque, as one screw already started to strip, and I don’t want to damage the unit.

Is it possible that these screws are not intended to be undone? Am I missing something?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Yes, I have converted my Stages to a black-panel. I found that the two front screws are simply 3M counter-sunk 6mm-long (metric).

I bought some black screws on Amazon and swapped the original silver ones for a fit-check. The front two screws go into stand-offs that are threaded for 3M and mate with two more 3M screws on the back-side circuit-board.

I bought the black-panel from Magpie, and though the front screw holes are not counter-sunk, I still used black counter-sunk screws for the lowest profile, so I don’t bump into tall screws while adjusting the top knobs!

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