Problem Marbles

This is a design quirk of the module (Other modules from other brands are known to have it too) that can happen when the supply voltage stabilizes slowly to its target voltage - something that depends on which PSU you use, where your module is located, and how other modules on the bus board behave.

This is “MI directly”.


thanks, understood. so I will do the reboot thing from now on. somehow my heart aches everytime I do the reboot (powering on and off), but it is irrational and stems from “never do a hard power off with a running computer” - of course this is crazy - the eurorack has no soft shutdown function. is there a “good practice”, like waiting a couple of seconds before powering on an eurorack system again? or is it no problem like regular fx-boxes?

Actually, not waiting too long is what makes it work, since the second time the whole system has enough charge in all the capacitors to reach its target voltage faster.

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I hope this doesn’t hijack this thread too much - but as a DIY nerd I’d love to know what happens in this case. It it some sort of brown-out detection thing or an actual hardware bug of the MCU? I guess it could potentially be sorted out with additional monitoring hardware that keeps the MCU in reset while the voltage still rises, is that correct?