Problem Marbles

Hi guys i would have a problem with marbles, it doesn’t always turn on normally, sometimes it gets stuck, turn on x1 x2 x3 and the on-mom switches t and x they are fixed, but without doing anything.
it’s normal? Thanks.

Not sure if this is the same problem - hard to know from your description:

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I also thought it was a power problem, then it will be that. Thanks Forest.
p.s. I’m your fan;)

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If you were feeling brave and this was exactly the problem, it would be very doable to add a supervisor ic (mic803) around r6/c7 (the RESET, GND and +3V3 lines are present there…) Obviously voids warranty and only try if this is definitely the problem and you know what you are doing :slight_smile: (Or try on a different power supply - which is probably more sensible !)

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I try, thanks Forest :slight_smile: very kind!

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@Frekkia mine never does that. Therefore something seems to be wrong.

I have it in 7U Make Noise case. No power issues there.

Like the others suggested: Try another power supply if you can.

My power supply and my case are DIY, so it is very likely that the problem is my rack, 7U Make Noise will be much more tested.

I’d definitely try with another PSU before doing anything else. If possible use recent PSU that is known to work well. I wouldn’t know where to point you regarding which PSU to try, but I have no issues using any MI module with a standard Meanwell open-frame PSU.


Btw: is this module a factory build or diy?

Is factory, because if it was DIY what difference would there be?

Well if it were a DIY module it could be a problem with the module itself. Factory modules all get tested very throughly for defects, the same can’t be said for many DIY builds.
Also this forum does not give support for DIY builds, and you can’t send it in to Mutable Instuments for repairs of course.
So, good to know that’s not the case, that makes troubleshooting a bit easier.
I would really advise you to get a good PSU though. Tip Top’s Mantis cases are really affordable and have a good PSU for the price. They are made of plastic, but it’s a good quality plastic.
I own one and it’s been working really well for me with any module I’ve had (even DIY ones).


The difficulty is defining “good” for a power supply - you may have good psus that have minimal ripple, low noise and are really stable but not many specify the power on slew rate… eg some (including linear) supply rails come up at different speeds which can cause issues with some modules eg some variants of benjolin as well as many digital modules. The Doepfer PSU3, I suspect, has a slow rise on +12v as I have some modules that have problems with them (eg performer and uO_C) - I have a few PSU3s. I have problems with some modules on linear supplies, etc… it can be really tricky trouble shooting these sorts of issue…
The issues will also vary with the load and distribution of the modules on that supply…

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I have a similar problem with my Original Marbles, sometimes turning on it is stuck / frozen. The internal clock does not propel the x1-3 outputs, so they stay the same. Nothing happens if I wiggle rate or press t or X, or plugging external clock in or out. When I restart it runs again.
PloSe haLP mE

What is your case? DIY?

The usual question: u sure power is gud?

I think they meant factory built by „original“ :slight_smile:

In fact I wonder what rack it has, and if it was DIY :wink:

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original aka O.G. aka factory and Intellijel 6U Portable Case Power.
No other modules have problems.

It’s something complicated, if it makes you something similar to mine, you should try it on another case, maybe a friend’s one, and see if the problem is solved.

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so even if none of my modules has ever had a problem with the case’s power (and I had 15-20 more which I swapped without any problem) it might be the case’s power fault? I don’t think so.
I should document that properly next time it happens and write MI directly.
Now at least I know that it is not a known bug.