Problem building editor for routing matrix

Please excuse me if this is a dumb or redundant question. I’ve been throwing together a little editor for the Shruthi-1 in Max. Everything work’s fine except for editing the routing matrix using the NRPNs listed in the documentation. The Shruthi receives the MIDI data, but it does not do anything. I also tried NRPN control of other parameters which work fine with CCs, but no luck either. I would really love to have a complete editor at my disposal, especially for the less accessible parameters like routing or sequences.

So sending NRPNs 32, 33, 34 up to 67 does nothing?

What is Max ?

What is this Shruhti Device you’re talking about all the time?

@fcd: max/msp.

Never mind, the old method of leaving a bug you can’t find alone for a while and then having a fresh look at it worked again. As I suspected there was a slight error in the subpatch that constructs the MIDI message for NRPNs (for some reason Max does not natively support sending and receiving (N)RPNs). :wink: