Probably the next filter board

^ Yves definitely has some cool stuff plus he has all the work done using the original as well as modern components for a lot of his modules. I’ll definitely vote for a moog filter over, well anything else

This is not a “clone” since it uses exactly the same circuit and rare IC (IR3109). BTW, my source of IR3109s was Rob from AMS Synths, who has been a victim of counterfeit ICs sellers.

So…is there no way this board will ever see the light of day, even in a small albeit more expensive batch? Would it be worth fabricating the PCB’s and then leaving it up to the ‘community’ to source their own IR3109’s? Just wondering.


I thought id found a bargain IR3109, from AMS no less, but they suddenly disappeared and he said hed let me know if they came back in stock…

Shame. I did fancy this board.

What about the steiner VCF, going to build one of these soon, sound lush… HP BP and LP too.

Well, I have 6 of them- salvaged from a broken JX-3P. Currently they’re on the analog section of the mainboard that I’ve hacked off, thinking I might make a 6-VCF/VCA module… but that’s just another backburnered project. I’m open to ideas. Olivier, I see that the board schemos are in the Git repository - you could always add gerbers there as well, for people who might want to have the board manufactured at BatchPCB or the like, and don’t know the tools/process for that end of things.

I imagine you don’t have a problem with people using your designs in that fashion?

No problem with people making boards like this, but beware: I haven’t breadboarded the whole thing, so some parts values need adjustments. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the overall circuit/topology, though. I might give this more attention in the next weeks and finalize the design. At the moment I’m slowly catching up with shipping/re-ordering stuff for the next batch.

Wow, I just found this discussion. I bought some ir3109’s some years ago (pulled ones), but I haven’t found any use for these until this. I hope I still can find them from my misc box and these are not counterfeits :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this information!


So I really needed to get this out of my todo-list before attacking the SSM2164 series. The circuit needed a few adjustments but it now works!


Is the sound is fat like with the 3379?

There’s a soundcloud link above. I think it’s close to the SMR-4 with a nicer resonance. Stronger than the SSM-2044, more consistent than the SMR-4. It doesn’t have the nastiness of the CEM3379.