Probably the last Shruti-1 finished

Hi everyone.

Just saying hi because I finally finished and tested my Shruti-1. Yes, I’m late to the party, but I did not have the time to build it straight away and finally got around to finishing the case yesterday. I wanted to have a compact synth so I’m glad I found this enclosure (appr. 13x13x4).

Just a quick (bad) picture I just took.

I’ll write up some more thoughts soon along with some more pictures.


that looks great phillip!

hey better late than never! and I thought I was dragging on this - great case!

Retro Recesses Batman!


Very nice! (and don’t worry, mine’s still in a cardboard box). One detail that I noticed that I think would be very helpful to implement (at least for me): the different colored led’s for the different sections - simple and great idea! Did you have to change any resistor values to tweak the brightness for the different colors?

Love the round buttons. Where did you get them?

same question as Olivier, where did u find those rounnnnddddd buuttttttonnnnsssssss? Very nice enclosure

yes, I like the buttons too, and the knobs.


thanks for the nice replies.

The enclosure is this one:;ARTICLE=34070;PROVID=2402

Funnily, I bought the round buttons only because I could not find square caps. :slight_smile:
I just bought the PCB (and Atmel) from Olivier and got all the parts myself.

(Part of my delayed assembly was not able to find the 12x12 pushbuttons and the proper audio jacks at my usual electronics suppliers in Germany).

I then found them at (who also have a European/German distribution center) and they only had the round caps for the 12x12 pushbuttons.

Farnell part numbers:
Caps: 9561552, 9561544; Buttons: 9471650

And I did not tweak the resistor values for the different LED colors, they sort of work for me as-is. I might change that if I put the Shruti to use and find out that the brightness varies too much in a dark environment. The colors are three red, one pink, four yellow, three green and one purple. The pink and purple ones were left over from a previous project and I think they were sort of expensive a few years ago. Actually the purple one might be UV and sort of bad for your eyes, hm. :slight_smile:
But I like having a bright pink indicator lit as I’m tweaking the filter!

The knobs are from


didn’t find the button on your url, but thnx anyway, find some interressant stuff :slight_smile:

sorry ok it’s oni farnell :slight_smile:

Entering the part number in Farnell’s search yielded

These are the links for the German store, but maybe you can work your way from there. Farnell does not sell to consumers directly but they have a network of distributors. If you have some kind of commercial license, they will sell to you, of course.

One caveat is that the buttons are very low (flat) so that my button PCB is mounted quite close to the enclosure. Actually, the bottom part of the four pots rest flush against the plastic, so it’s as close as it gets. Because the plastic of the box is quite thick (about 3,5 mm), they barely rise above the surface. I’ll have some pictures, probably some time next week, to show this.


really nice enclosure!

no your’s not the last one… mine is still uncomplete.
Your’s really a pretty good looking one! Round buttons rock!

depending on how we’re defining “finished”, you may not be the last. Mine is assembled and tested, but I have yet to get mine to respond to midi in anyway making unusable except as a filter effect. I honestly cannot figure out the issue. I did have to remove the original optocoupler and replace it with the recommended CNY17-1. The midi never worked before, and still doesn’t now. It’s so depressing…