Pricing - not average

Led holder

not even in an emergency;-)

but hey! … it’s got free delivery!

WTF? Are they taking drugs ?

these must be audiophile LED holders.

If you use these your Shruthi’s will sound a lot better! It’s been proven in lab tests!

check out their other items
Bargaintastic! what amazes me on the switches , they sold TWO!

This is my favourite seller on eBay. Their prices are so reasonable and their international shipping isn’t a gouge at all…


and dispatchment usually within 5 working days… super fast also!

@gwaidan :wink: I will take a dozen

but please order them separately…

let’s all write them messages asking if they also have the switches in gold, because the price seems to low. I mean 11£ really is for cheapskates.

As an intellectual exercise I was going to work out how much a Shruthi sourced from them would cost…