There may come a time when I might have to sell my Shrithi synths to pay for some eurorack stuff, what are they worth secondhand?

I have one standard Shruthi, SMR4 I think its called

Two Polivocks

One 4pole mission PCB set

At a guess I would say my Polivoks are £170 each, and the SMR4 £150 and the PCB set £30? Does that sound about right?

Never sell your Waldorf Shruthi.

Honestly, the last piece of equipment i would sell is a Shruthi.

yep, sell one Polivocs, keep the other, build the 4PM, it’s a very cool one, also keep the SMR4, it’s a classic. :slight_smile:

In fact. If you sell the SMR-4 ill show up (together with rumpelfilter) and slap your ass. Until you admit you like things like these.

lol Thanks guys :smiley:

I was only ‘contemplating’ the idea…I love my Shruthi’s and it would be very hard to part with them…BUT, Grids, Peaks and Elements are calling me, and before I get them I have the case to build and PSU to sort out…so, rather than using my credit card (which was a daft idea) my options are to save (will take ages) or sacrifice some other audio equipment…

My Korg Taktile keyboard, that I won in a competition, may have to go instead of the Shruthi’s :smiley:

Go the DIY route and get some Shrutizen boards for your case?
You get to keep your Shruthis AND you get a case with awesome powerboards that are way better than what is offered on the market :smiley:

Definitely going the DIY route! I need one of these: power Supply: Bus Board: And the rest of the parts like rails ect from here:

Including the wood and other bits, the case will cost about £150…

49,9 GBP??? For a BusBoard???

Look here, there are some left which were reserved but not paid….

I built one of those boards, they’re much cheaper when its just the PCB. Certainly not worth paying £50 a piece for.

@fcd72 Do those boards come complete, or will I have to build it?

You can order PCB and parts I think? it’s a very simple build.

How much and from where do I order? I’ll buy a kit today if it is a decent price :slight_smile:

Can’t buy a kit, but you can get the busboard without components from fcd(I’ve got different ones, but same principle, fcd wasn’t offering them when I got mine), and parts from tayda. Something like this cut to size, or check fleabay. All in all we are talking something like 10€ for parts at most.
16€ for board
7,5€ for shipping
5-10€ for parts from tayda or fleabay(at most, probably less)
Assuming worst case scenario(or bonus parts), that’s 33,5€ in total, for a really simple build. You could probably build 2-3 busboards in this way before paying as much as one busboard costs at that site… (With shipping and everything.)

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: The DIY route is the forward for me!