Price advice (MKS-70)

Would you consider $750 for a MKS-70 in good shape a decent price?

Thanks, that’s pretty helpful.

If you are buying from someone outside of eBay and are trying to sell at eBay prices, I would try to get it for 9% less the asking price. That’s ebay’s fee.

+1 what qp said

  • the fee for Paypal payment

An MKS-70 is pricey, IMO. Modules should be cheaper than a full keyboard. Of course, the prices on the JX10 could have gone up from the last time I checked…

@audiohorder Except that many of us find modules more desirable in terms of space - lets face it, cost per square feet in any major city these days is a limiting factor for many

@Bjarne: Very true. I wasn’t considering apartments. I really wish there were better multi-layer synthesizer racks for sale, aside from DIY racks. They never seem to hold more than a collective 50 kg. I would have preferred a lot of these new synthesizers with 2 Octave keyboards to be released as modules. Of course, I would like the keyboardless ones to be cheaper than the ones with a keyboard. :slight_smile:

This price is being offered by a reasonably respectable store outside of eBay. I’m pretty much done with buying on eBay to be honest; the process itself is just too much of a hassle and prices are being pumped up to unreasonable levels all over the place. Also, who cares if any specific item was used by the Bee Gees or the Beach Boys or whatever…

Also, I have agree with @bjarne’s point of view. I’m living with my wife and children in Amsterdam in a pretty small apartment, and I really don’t have the space for anything but a handful of modules or otherwise small synths (another reason why I like my Anushri and my Shruthi’s so much ;))

@thijs: It’s much better to buy in person. I also get a good laugh whenever I see “used by X” in a listing. It does not increase the physical value. Just be glad to have a wife who supports your habit and kids who don’t break it.

@audiohoarder I’m not at all complaining. :slight_smile:

In EU the mks70 gets slightly higher values than in the US.
Auctions starting at $450 to $500 I would look for…
I wouldn´t pay over $600 in perfect shape (no dents, straight rack-ears and clean holes).
Last very good to mint in US bay went for $550 and one with the pg800 programmer, (but dead display) for $650.
I may remind you to research for the display, as to today, no replacement, nor the most needed coil for display revive is available, efforts (are) were big to resource, even remanufacture, compatible coils to no avail :-/
Also this synth is not all that glamourous… (like the d550 is…)