Pressing c3 key and getting only c2 from Yarns


I am pressing c3 key and only getting c2 from Yarns. Only way I have found to get c3 from Yarns is to transpose by 12. Is there a way to get Yarns to put out right key without transposing?



sorry, based on what you interpret the resulting sound as being a C2?
That’s important to know, to be able to help you.


There’s no ‘standard’ definition of what a C2 is. There are 2 competing systems for octave-numbering, and they differ by one octave, so it could be that Yarns and your MIDI keyboard use different numbering systems.



Here’s a bit of reading on what @toneburst describes:


To be clear, this is coming from a Beatstep Pro. The measure voltage of the Beatstep Pro analogue pitch out (cv 1 v/oct) is 3 vdc (c3) The measured volts of the Beatstep Pro midi to Yarns to pitch out ( cv 1 v/oct) is 2 vdc (c2). I have a very good Fluke meter and is accurate.


There is no standard specifying how the MIDI octave number is converted into a voltage.

Arturia = 0V for C0, 1V for C1, etc.

Doepfer = 0V for the lowest note on a 61-key keyboard.

Moog = 0V for middle C.

My products are Eurorack modules and thus follow the Doepfer standard.


ok c1 is 0v, c2 is 1v, c3 is 2v and so on …got it. Thanks. Well I guess another use for transpose then. :slight_smile:


Or you can just tune your oscillators to compensate