Preenfm2 metal case hex posts


I ordered a Preenfm2 from VanDaal Electronics nearly 7 months ago. There were missing parts from the kit. I still have not received all the parts and the seller stopped communicating. It is quite frustrating. I have been trying to finish this for a very long time. 3 seasons have changed.

This is the last part I need. 4 of these brass hex posts.

Does anyone know the length and threading? Ill have to purchase them myself locally since these missing parts were never received. I’m looking forward to completing this one.

Thank you very much

Right now I can’t check, because all my stuff is packed away (I’m moving).
But maybe you can try to write to Xavier (the guy who makes the PreenFM2) or post on his forum, in case you haven’t done that yet.

I’ve just now posted on that forum as well. Thanks for the suggestion. I hope I get to the bottom of this soon. If anyone has a chance to check, I would greatly appreciate it too!

You will find the answer in the build instructions for the case here.
The metal spacers are 14mm high.

Ah thanks, do you have an answer for the threading too? I need to figure out which to order, I couldn’t find information on that. Thank you

OK I have found they are M3 x 14mm. Thank you everyone.

14mm is no good.
In fact, the correct standoff length is 12mm.
Ardi keeps providing 14mm standoffs with the metal enclosures even though it’s the wrong size…
And I won’t recommend to anyone to buy anything from the guy.
I just received my last order for PreenFM cases but I’m done with him.
Back to acrylic cases.
The guy is just a plain as…le.

Ahhhhhh, I just bought 100 of the 14mm ones dammit… thanks for letting me know

At this point I may just grind off 2mm from each post on my bench grinder :joy:

Sorry I did not see your post earlier…

I appreciate your help!