PreenFM 2

Some great news on the facebook page of PreenFM

Awesome news! I like my Preen, so an expanded model is right up my alley.

Looks really cool… Should probably get one… At some point… Oh dear, GAS acting up again…

What did a version 1 cost?

Cool. I like the PreenFM. A newer one would be awesome.

Version 1 cost around 120-130 euros.

I’m sure there will be a PCB only option?

Looks sweet!

excellent! I love my Preen 1. Especially since Oliver helped add to the polyphony. Looks like its based on the Maple 2.

Hopefully the Preen 1 will become a collector’s item so I’ll be able to sell mine to fund a Preen 2…

@dubtoms: you mean, like, ‘rare vintage synth no moog arp oberheim’? :smiley:

@mic: you forgot “mint”

I already sold mine before the new ones come out to be ahead of the price drop on the preenFM market as soon as version 2 comes out.
well ok…
I liked the preenFM 1 a lot as a FM synth with a great interface. But i couldn’t use the quite raw sound of it in my music. I 'm sure the switch from integer to floating point will give it the more warm FM sounds i’m looking for.

@shiftr, did you try putting wood end panels on it to warm up the sound?

i would never sell my pfm1. eberybody knows that the original, ultra-rare and vintage version sounded so much grittier and more organic than the new pfm2. :wink:

Ditto. That little thing has really grown on me. Sometimes you just want some non-modular FM trash or weird sounds, or just something fresh… Plus, a modern FM synth with a GUI not made by some Sexually Frustrated Engineer on Drugs™ is always interesting per se :slight_smile:

@piscione … I even tried a wooden top!

@piscione and shiftr: That made me laugh more than it should have. :slight_smile:

shiftr, that must be the warmest, most analog-sounding Preen out there!audiohoarder, it’s just one of those odd things about some musicians. We anxiously await the release of the latest toys and then complain when those toys don’t sound “analog” enough or don’t have wood sides.

I really dont like it.

@PIsh thanks! … well i sold it but the new owner didn’t like the wooden case too so i made a black case. I think i gave the wooden case away to someone here on the forum.

@piscione … It’s not that it’s not analog enough but it just couldn’t do the sounds i like from FM synths. I’ve had a Yamaha DX7II which is a great synth but it suffers the same problem all the dx’ have that they are hard to program. The PreenFM is really great at that. And the Preen 1 is really great at harsh industrial sounds but i’m not really into that at the moment.