Pre-programmed Shruthi chips

Hi all,

Is there anyone willing and able to programme the two Shruthi chips with the latest software for me please?

If not, would someone be kind enough to tell me what hardware/software I need to do it myself?

Thank you

I can do this for you if you’re in US – you’ll pay for shipping and ATMega MCU’s only.

Thanks kvitekp :slight_smile: I am in England, so the postage might be an issue I appreciate your offer though…

I have read the instructions to programme the IC’s…uploading the Shruthi presets via MIDI will be fine, but flashing the main chip looks complicated…very complicated!

Could you clarify something please? Will an Arduino, with an AVR programmer, and the ‘standard’ Arduino software, be sufficient to flash the 644 chip?

I am also wondering if someone with Skype/Facetime could run me through the process were I to acquire the equipment I need?

Sure i can show you how to do it. Never used arduino but with a USBTiny via AVRdude it’s just a matter of declaring the correct programmer.
And it’s not even that I have the knowledge in my head, I just wrote down every little piece of every command some time ago with 2cm big letters, explanation for dummies. So I just have to follow the instructions (translated for dummies) that I’ve collected here in 2 or 3 threads over the years.
Really no problem. No matter which of the chips you flash.

If you like i can send you my doc in an email.

@Rosch can you share it with me as well?

sure, got to dig it out first. it’s like write the name of your file in there, copy and paste in the command line (or type it letter by letter, idk anymore)

I would like it to if that’s cool. Learning this is 1 of my 3 diy goals of 2015. The others being design my first panel and building a Braids…got any notes on that to share?

Ok here’s my notes from 2013 last time. It worked but i have to learn it new everytime i flash a firmware. It’s a mess. You need to first setup AVRdude et Al. following their advice (can find that stuff on adafruit usb tiny pages)

There was one really comfortable way to flash the whole thing in one command line, don’t know if it’s in there, otherwise it’s probably in Olivier’s Ambika build docs, as that was the last time I did this.
Also I found advice how to flash the presets in the internal eprom(?) (Olivier’s documentation or the forums??) Probably have to find that stuff again.
Maybe it helps, it worked for me. Ah btw there’s often an -F command in the end of my commands. That’s just needed if you were stupid enough too buy MCUs from They have the wrong number code, -F just tells avrdude to ignore it.

YAY found it! I also attach the ambika command, separate shorter document.

haha this is really for dummy like myself who don’t know what they’re doing.

Thanks for this rosch, I’ll have a good look at this later :slight_smile:

Hello Kvitekp

Would you be able to help me with the programming of the Shruthi chips?
I am in the USA.
That would be awesome because right now, after trying for a week, I can’t seem to getting it to work and I am struggling a lot.


Last year I bought a the preprogrammed chip from tubeohm SHOP-hardware shipped from Germany to the USA. It took a few weeks to arrive and cost about $25 shipped. I am building a second control board and would like to program my own chip, but I may buy another from tubeohm. Modular Addict had them, but they are sold out.

I’d really recommend learning to program the chips yourself. While the cost of buying a preprogrammed chip will be about the same as buying the programmer (stick with a simple one like the Sparkfun Pocket Programmer), you’ll learn a lot and you’ll save a lot of money on future builds - if you make an Ambika you’ll need seven chips total, the blanks cost about 3 dollars each while preprogrammed chips can be 20+ dollars each.

The firmware flashing instructions on the build page are a great starting point, and if you’re on a mac, carefully following them should get you all the way there. Windows is a little trickier in some senses - I could never get the make file to flash the firmware, so I had to manually run the commands - but easier in the sense that the avr-GCC version with WinAVR is the recommended version so there’s no fussing around with making sure the right version of everything is installed.

The biggest hurdle is making sure everything’s connected properly. To check that, follow these steps:

  1. After building your Shruthi, including mounting all chips (including the big 644) and connecting the control board to the filter board, plug in the power source. You should see the display LED backlight come on.
  2. Turn off any switches on the ISP programmer that would provide power to the chip. On the Sparkfun programmer, that would be the “no power” position.
  3. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer for installing any necessary drivers for your programmer, then plug in in to the computer, and plug the ISP connector to the headers on the control board. Make sure it’s still powered on.
  4. Run the following command: avrdude -c usbtiny -p m644p
    (if you’re not using the Sparkfun programmer you’ll need to change “usbtiny” to the name of your programmer. To find it run “avrdude -c asdf” (no quotes) and find your programmer in the list it spits out)
    If you get a response like “Initialization failed” connect the six-pin connector the other way and make sure the Shruthi is powered on. Otherwise you’re good to go - if you made it this far you’ve got what it takes to program your own chips!

I would really like to learn how to flash a chip. Building the Shruthi was a great learning experience, why not learn even more! Thanks for the tip about the Sparkfun Pocket Programmer .