PPG WaveMapper

Interesting new forthcoming iOS synth from Wolfgang Palm. I post it here because of MI’s demonstrated like for wavetables, and potential cool new ideas that are represented in this synth, of some kind of hybrid wavetable/sample thing:


Finally a reason to get an iDevice.

First the WaveGenerator and now this Plex-inspired(?) app. This is looking great and the demo did sound inspirational. It’s a great time for sound experimentation with the iThingy.

That does look interesting…
Quite pricey though, for an app.


Well, the innovative interface, the sound and the Wolfgang Palm name adds to the cost :slight_smile:

It’s like that Fairlight app, you pay for a famous name.

@Jojjelito funnily enough, the Fairlight app (which I bought, like the true sucker I am), changed it’s name recently. It’s now called ‘Vogel CMI’. I can’t imagine the name-change wasn’t forced by some kind of legal dispute. I’m sure sales of the app took a nosedive, shortly after that dubious decision was made…


Having listened to the demo of the new app, I’m not super impressed. To me, it doesn’t sound much different to WaveGenerator. Having said that, the UI looks interesting, and that’ll be the make-or-break, for me.


Wolfgang has some new videos showing the thing off - the second part of this one begins to show the new stuff it can do with samples. Interesting.