PPG Phonem

is anyone else as excited by this as I am?

This demo was not featured in that article.

I am very impressed with the overall flexibility, but I only heard one vocal preset that sounded really good. However, the wavetable type sounds are amazing!

That looks great!
There’s a lot of cool software out there at the moment, I have to say. Am I allowed to say that…? :wink:


There’s some competition now, though.
Chipspeech is also very cool.


Yes, I think that is allowed. There’s no strict “you must hate computers and eschew their use” rule here, at least not that I have noticed. I agree, there are lots of interesting soft synths and audio processors now available run on your computer, inside or alongside your DAW.

Plogue Chipspeech… hmmm, sort of a vocal chiptunes module? Edit: hmmm, more interesting than I first thought!

Meanwhile…yup, a virtual anime pop star, voiced by Yamaha Vocaloid software. And she does live gigs.


There’s even a Vocaloid voicing called Oliver. Here he is singing a song with some sadly apt lyrics:



Plogue also have a free vocal synth, Alter/Ego, which I’ve yet to try. It looks like it only has one voice at the moment, but more are supposedly being developed. Don’t know if they’ll all be free.


@toneburst: Computers can live alongside synths here. :slight_smile:

Aside from the phonem scanning, I don’t hear anything much different than Nave at the moment.

Chipspeech is a great plugin, all of the Plogue stuff is, but Chipspeech in particular is great for those of us that wanted the Speak n Spell to actually talk custom sentences. Of course, the Plogue engine is sample based while the Phonem engine is probably more synthesis.

I do think that Phonem can sound more realistic than any other speech synthesizer on the market, but I am basing that off of these short demos. I don’t know if people will even try to get realistic vocals out of it.

The sounds from that PPG Phonem video remind me very much of Tangerine Dream’s score to The Keep: