Powered modular case for a starter, running only braids initially?

Can anyone suggest a good powered case as a cheap starter modular? Am a total noob to modular, but just ordered a braids osc and now need something to put it in… for now its just going to be used as an external osc for my elektron analog keys, I may expand in the future but just want something to start out with. Had looked at the doepfer a100 but saw someone say it couldnt give enough juice, is that right? Or a pittsburgh modular 48 cell, but that needs some kind of adapter? Any advice for the uninitiated much appreciated (and sorry if there are existing threads on this, I tried to use search but was borked on my phone). Also links to any good information repositories for modular, diying and general electronics appreciated. Cheers! Xpo

Doepfer A-100 Mini Case has a decent power supply built-in.

Oh cool - my prefered option as its so cheap! Thanks :slight_smile:

A-100 mini cannot power Braids.

Several things to consider: 1: how deep is your wallet. 2: how deep are you willing to look down the rabbit hole.

Synthrotek has some decent inexpensive cases with power in various sizes. If you have an idea that you’ll add modules in the future, it’s better to spend a little more for extra real estate. You’ll be surprised how fast it goes.

Hm. Mine did so happily when I was still using it, but according to the PSU specs you should indeed not do this.

You might want to get a bigger case anyway since you’re very likely to end up buying more modules in the near future.

Actually yes I can see the a100 wont do it now - any advice on what a good cheap solution would be?

sorry you guys posted whilst i had reply screen up haha - will check out synthrotek see what they have :slight_smile:

And if you want to get into some 1U stuff too Erthenvar has a couple smaller portable cases

What adapter does the Pitsburgh Cell 48 need? You mean for the 5V?
You could also ask a ask a guy who goes under the name fcd72 here on the forum, if you don’t need your case to be mobile…

What about a pittsburgh modular 48 with 5v adapter (the mutable instrument volts for example) - any pitfalls in doing this?

ha reply came in as I was replying again :slight_smile:

New Cell 48s have a +5V adapter. Not the old ones (with the flying ribbon connector).

ADDAC cases have great power reserves, can be ordered with integrated 5V rails, and can be daisy-chained when your system grows larger. I have two of their 12U cases myself, and their smallest 42HP case looks like a good deal:


Okay thanks guys - I ended up going the pittsburgh route, price vs power seemed best for starting out. I can fully foresee this getting addictive but am going to try and only buy modules that will make a massive difference to my workflow, certainly initially while im finding my feet - maybe start with cv input capable fx, then progress to some modulators and clock stuff. I figured between my ms20, elektron and now braids I have oscillators pretty well covered! Am also thinking of getting my gf’s stepdad to use his 3d printer to make me some cheeks for the cell48 - time to get designing!