Power SWITCH + ADAPTER question

Tomorow i will adjust and complete one XT :wink:

Question, i ask this because im a fried to not damage something in XT.

On Switch there is no (+ -) for 2 wires soldered to 4pole filter board . :frowning:
What if i conect wrong wire to switch, does it work ok or???

I hope it will working ok B-)
What you say about that?

Strange issue wit XT, Normal Shruthi work super wit 9V 500mA (i measure voltage output of adapter, it says excatly 9.38V)
But diferent situation wit XT using same adapter…
When i conect to adapter XT have strange glitch, on Newheaven LCD words go fast witout control :-o
Sound is diferent and some weird glitch apeare on speakers :frowning:

Frankly i just adjust LCD contrast…
I need to adjust filter range and pitch.

What is your opinion? Whay is this hapening? Do i need better adapter (more power?) I so, how much V and mA is best for this situation?

Ps regulators are much much warmer comparet wit normal Shruthi.
I will measure heat wit multimetar. (wit hope it is in working range)

Any sugestions or help?

Re glitchy LCD:
Power the synth on with the encoder depressed until is is set to “Shruthi XT” mode.

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