Power supply


how many mA can be taken out on the 7805 and 7905?


TO-92: 100 mA
TO-220: 1 A (there is a 2A version as well)

but I have explained myself badly …
Shruthi those in the feeder of I mA
withdraw from the 7905?
are not very practical power to pump current …

You could always look it up on the datasheet: http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/LM%2FLM7905.pdf

There’s links to the datasheets on the BOM page, so you don’t even have to go searching. Looks like they can deliver over 1A with proper heat sinking.

I know that since serie7800/7900 holds more than 1 A if dissipated properly…
then putting a heatsink on the 2 1 A regulators can take to branch?
but the LT1054 is holding them?

The LT1054 can’t output more than 100mA. What are you trying to do? Connect many devices/boards on the same Shruthi-1 supply?

100mA thanks pichenettes:)
since I’m trying to recreate cem3372 3 section filter matrix12
for use with the Shruthi … using CV1 and CV2 to control the mode filter and the pan …
Unfortunately, re-reading the datasheet for the 3372 I saw that the minimum supply voltage is 9.5 V: (
I’m forced to use an external power supply