Power Supply Troubleshooting

Hey all, I have a bit of conundrum regarding powering on my new Ambika. I recently bought a pre-built unit and, when it came time for me to plug in a power supply, I hastily grabbed a Roland SE-02 DC supply rated at 9V 2.0A and tried powering the unit on - nothing. I then plugged in an Eventide DC pedal supply rated at 9V 500ma and the unit actually powered on, I just wasn’t able to get any sound out of it even though it was receiving midi events.

This was until I RTFM and realized that it specifically requires 9VAC @ 1000ma. I then bought a new supply (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ATECBMM?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details) and tested it - unit didn’t power on. I unplugged the transformer and plugged it directly into my wall and still no power. I just bought 2 more power supplies rated at different Amperage (500ma & 1.5A) to see if either of those will possibly work.

Is it possible that I could have damaged the unit? I was reading somewhere that the SMR-4 filters don’t take kindly to anything other than what’s required in the manual. Any advice on how to troubleshoot outside of testing different power supplies is greatly appreciated.

Can you take a look inside and see how the power section of the motherboard looks? I totally butchered a mobo I built a few years ago, the large capacitors popped and leaked, but replacing them (and cleaning up my terrible soldering) fixed the issue pretty quickly. It sounds like one of those 9VAC power supplies should be more than sufficient, so it’s got to be an issue there, especially if you aren’t seeing sound card LED’s or the screen backlight start glowing

Once I confirm that the other two power supplies don’t work, I’ll open the unit up to check it out. It’ll take another couple days for them to arrive but I’ll update the thread with what I find. Fingers crossed that the power section isn’t fubar.

It looks like the issue was resolved after trying a 9VAC 2000mA supply. I’m also beginning to think that part of the issue was that I didn’t have octave ranges set correctly for the part I was trying to demo. Thanks @dinorrific for the response!

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I’m glad you got it up and running! Congratulations!

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