Power supply problem

I put (not soldered) a 220r (the one up and left in the photo of the guide - not the 68r, I’m only a little dumb -) and I get the same values plus 0’1 (except in the ones that are 0, and supposing that are all positive values)

And resistors producers could have more love for colorblind people!

From your readings you have 2 Pins at 0 Volts at the 7805???

You should read something like this: Seen from top, left to right: +5V (this is the OutPut Pin), 0V (GND) and the same Voltage your read at your PSU as this is the input pin (most likely something higher than +5V…)…can you confirm this?

Sorry I was pointing some solder that pass through the hole… the third pin (I) is 11’2v (PS at 9v), so 7805 is: 6’1, 0, 11’2

Temporarily put a 10k resistor (don’t solder it, just bend the leads and make them touch the pads) between the pad labelled +5V and GND on the filter board. Does the voltage goes down to +5V?

So i put one lead of the resistor through the gnd hole and the other through the +5v hole? Seems like it isn’t enough space between

Should I remove the 220R I put?


4`5 and -5’9 with the 10k resistor in gnd and +5v and the 220R

And almost the same without the 220R…

So what could be the problem? any solutions?

Im a bit clueless, your input Voltage looks OK bit the regulators don’t regulate correct, even under load but what they do is symmetric. Where did you get them? Did you source them yourselves or do you have a MutableInstruments Kit?

I have a mutable instruments kit.

did you heat them long?

5 seconds or so?

I’m gonna make photos so someone can tell me if it was an error of mine or if some component was not good

Here they go

MIne look not as neat - im clueless. Last thing you could do is replacing the regulators . . . .

I’ve never seen anything like that, but I’m tempted to tell you to continue.

If you don’t know, I know less…

Do you agree with the replacing the regulators solution pichenettes?

There is risk of ******ing the hole kit continuing the assembly?

If I look for new regulators what should I ask for? “a 7905 and a 7805 regulators”?
I don’t see description in the list and I’ve never bought components separately

My gut feeling is that the problem is with the measurements, not with the board itself. There’s no reason why a loaded 7805 or 7905 would return a voltage in the correct order of magnitude and sign, but just off by 1V. I have never seen a damaged 7805 and 7905.

Am I seeing things or do I see a “78” on the regulator in the 7905 spot on the last pic?