Power supply options

Since it’s quite hard to find Meanwell T-60B PSUs here in Italy I was wondering which other options I have. Could be nice to reunite all options in one thread… for future reference.

update: here’s the list of all the PSUs mentioned in the thread and others I could find, so you don’t have to scroll down to the bottom
update2: this list is not up to date, please consider checking this thread here on Muff Wiggler instead

update 3: I’ve removed the list here, since there is now an updated one online here on Google docs

Worldwide shipping:

I generally look for “JAMMA power supply”, then make sure it has +12v -12v and 5v with a decent amount of ampage.

Although certainly a bit rough looking, I’ve been using these without any issues so far.

You want the T-60B version.

6581: well these sure are expensive, 41£ is about 50€, I used to pay max 35€ for these PSUspiscione: is this a Chinese Meanwell clone?

btw. don’t you find it a bit odd to have 5A (I think even 7A on the real T60-B) on the 5V and only a lousy 0.5A on the -12A?

@rumpelfilter, it is a Chinese clone. The T-60b is 3.5A at 12V and 1A at -12V, the clone is 2.5A at 12V and 0.5A at -12V.

0.5A is low but since most people with larger systems use multiple power supplies, in practice the current limits are not an issue. I bought four of the clones for $100 USD (the seller made me a bit of a deal).

I’m designing 12u by 126hp and ModularGrid tells me I’m at 1.4A at +12 and 0.7A at -12. Two of these supplies and 4 of Frank’s bus boards should be fine for me.

I’m not sure, according to the spec sheet the Meanwell T60-B only delivers 0.5A on the -12 rail.
See the official specsheet here
Though it says 0-1A as current range… hmm, maybe it means that the max load is 1A?
But you’re right it’s not really a problem as long as you don’t want to run your whole studio through it! :slight_smile:

I guess only a few things use the -ve rails. Op amps and the like.

Well on my system it’s 50% of the +V rail. I’d still be able to run a 12U system off one Meanwell probably though…
But if the -V rail was like the +V rail you could run like 24U from one Meanwell :smiley:

I think the rated current on each rail for the Meanwell T-60B is the maximum that can be supplied simultaneously, but each rail can supply more than that, within the current range limits indicated in the spec sheet, provided the total current does not mean that the rated power of 61 watts is exceeded. 61 watts equals the sum of the rated current times the absolute voltage on each rail: 5V*5A + 12V*2.5A + 12V*0.5A = 61W

Is that correct?

BennelongBicyclist: Yes you are correct :wink:

I run these modules from one T-60B: http://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/78504

@flocked: Thanks, that’s good to know that it still works well if the rated current on the -12v rail is exceeded, provided the other rails are well below their rated currents. I don’t plan to push mine nearly as hard as you are pushing yours.

Thanks for all the info! Now on to find a good T60-B source!

jameco.com in the USA sells them for about $30. That’s where I got mine. How are people mounting them to the case? Standoffs? Can I just screw it directly to the wood case, or do I need to leave an air gap for ventilation?

I screwed it to the wood. There’s a flat side and a vented side.

I mounted it directly on the wood too.

I mounted it to the wood as well. I really butchered the ac inlet though. My first t60b had no mounting plates. It’s barely hanging on. I should have just bought them feom Jameco, but I went used. Jamecos shipping is a bit high and they don’t do discounts.

Time to get electrocuted!

You all seem to know exactly what to wire to what for the Meanwell T60B? I am a bit puzzled. Got one to try but didn’t hook it up yet for fear of instant electrocution or other mishap that is likely to happen. You all use grounded 3-wire for the mains? Then the conncections: AC/L and AC/N, ok that is clear. Ground. Then DC outputs. What is DC COM? And what is adjusted at the +5V ADJ? Did anyone adjust anything there yet?

I will try the MeanWell at some point. But for obvious reasons, I am also looking at the synthrotek power supply. This basically is nothing but a simple PCB for a Murata voltage regulator (Mouser: 580-UEI15-120-Q12P-C). Seems rather powerful (+12V: 2.2A, -12V: 1.3A, +5V: 1.5A) and not very expensive. What I am a bit puzzled about is that they insist on a 12V power brick. Wouldn’t a 15V supply provide more headroom for a stable output?
Has anyone experience with these kind of Murata regulators? They seem inexpensive, powerful, and do not require fiddling with AC mains.

If you don’t know how to wire the T60B then maybe it was not a good idea in the first place.

Synthrotek kit looks cool but I don’t think it’s the Murata part you mentioned - it delivers 12V only.

They recommend 12V probably because it is more common than 15V. “Headroom” does not matter for switched mode PSUs.

Currently I use a pair of 12V plug packs feeding a pair of voltage regulators to drop it to 7.6V which then power four Shruthi (two powered from each regulator) - all this so that the voltage regulators on the Shruthi don’t get too hot. With an RT-125B, I could get rid of the plug packs and power the entire Eurorack and all four Shruti from a single source.

@pichenettes: don’t worry, i will not connect anything to AC mains when in doubt. And i am aware of the difference between being sure and being right (i am usually more worried about people who are not aware of this difference).

As for the Murata, you are right, seems odd. But i checked, it is the one that is specified in the BOM: UEI15-120-Q12P-C
see: http://www.synthrotek.com/BOMs/eurorack_powersupply_bom.pdf
It has now been out for a while, so someone should have noticed if the most important part of the BOM is not correct. I’ll make sure and ask …

If it works, it would be a nice solution. Inexpensive and powerful, and no AC mains involved.