Power Supply in Tubeohm filter reading +5v and -5.1v

Hi there,

Can anyone give me some advice about this? I have tested the 7805 and 7905 and they are giving out +5 & -5.1v. Not sure where to go next


what exactly is your problem? The measured values are ok.

Sorry my mistake. I thought it was .01 that was ok rather than .1. I have been having a lot of trouble on this build (mostly my own bad soldering and silliness) so probably being over cautious now.

My overall problem is that I am getting no sound from the mobo. The filter doesn’t self oscillate but does howl when I play midi notes??

I know this has turned into a whole other problem thread but I thought since you asked what my problem was :slight_smile:

following the trimming instructions for the initial trimmer positions

Thanks. I think I have a broken trimmer (Pot 5). I’ll change it this evening.