Power supply for the MIDIpal

Dear friends,
can you help me with DC adapter for MIDIpal?

What voltage, and how much mA it has to be?


100mA or more. 5 to 9V. Above 9V the regulator gets too hot.

Thank You, pichenettes!

As I understand, the same adapter needed for the Shruthi-1?

The specs are a bit different.

Shruthi-1: min 7.5V, max 15V (regulators can get a bit warmer), 150mA in theory (so 300mA+ required)
MIDIpal: min 5V (can get as low as 4.5V), max 9V (regulator don’t handle heat very well), 80mA in theory (so 150mA required)

If you run a midipal at 9v will that be pushing it, or within tolerances?

9V is fine.

I personally recycled an ‘old’ cellphone DC adapter for powering my midipal. It provides around 5v, which is perfect for this. You just have to replace the connector.

Could anybody please tell what are the dimensions (inner and outter diameter, i.e. 2,1 x 5,5 mm) of required DC plug? I’m expecting MIDIpal in a few days and want to recycle old cellphone adapter too. Btw, is there any limit of mA? Would 350 mA be still fine? Thanks in advance!

The mA rating indicates the maximum amount the power supply can deliver. The MIDIpal needs about 120mA, so any mA rating above that is fine. Here is a drawing of the connector used for the MIDIpal (163-7620 -E). 2.1 x 5.5mm tip will work fine.

Beware of the polarity though, don’t do the mod without a multimeter. The midipal is center positive. Otherwise, you’ll fry it.

Thanks guys, that’s precisely what I was asking for :wink:

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