Power supply for Shruthi XT

Can I use a 500ma power supply for an XT?

You can use any PSU that safely powers your shruthi. I never measured but the Programmer diesnt draw significant Power.

Great, thanks. I have ended up with EATYone’s XT and it is so cool! Knobs make everything better. There are a few things left to do on it and I need to put the 2/4 pole switch and maybe input and output volume pots but we’re having fun with it already.

I owe EATYone a case of beer.

Glad it found a giod home!

It’s home in Canada, just in time for the long winter that we’re supposed to have this year.

Yes, it’s my second winter in Canada, and it’s looks like the winter will be insane… i guess we will have snow really soon !

There are XT Kits left, ideal for keeping you warm on long snowy canadian Winter Nights…

I know… but i bought a new computer yesterday… and i’m waiting for shruthi delay boards…i will build that shruthi, and see witch is my favorite. after that and will do a XT shruthi, but maybe with my own design (maybe a delay). Just a question : Do you sell just your PCB without the enclosure ? (and pots, caps, …) and another one : Do you cut special case or only shruthi and shruthi XT ?

Currently i have exactly enough PCBs as Parts for Kits, it would be a bit ridiculous selling a PCB and keeping the parts, so unfortunately the answer atm is “no”. Will change with the next run.
Regarding the Cases, currently I’m cutting tons of Anushri cases but i’ll cut whatever you want (and pay :wink: ) me to.

@Lamouette, whereabouts in Canada are you? I’m in Mississauga, near Toronto. You’re welcome to c’mon over and try out the XT if you’re in the area. I’m going to be looking around for the XT docs to see about adding a second filter board. EATYone included a 4PM board as a little surprise when he shipped me the XT.

I would include a 2nd Filter Board with the 4PM. The idea for 2 Filters was from ancient 2011 times when all these Vintage Filter Boards were available and all Filter Boards hat the same CV Response curve. Nowadays its all more complicated thus new Programmers have as standard the 1-Filter Configuration.

Frank, I’m thinking you meant “I would not include a 2nd filter board?” There is an SMR 4 mk2 in there now, which is quite capable. Maybe I’ll just save the 4PM board for something else. Too bad the Sidekick isn’t around anymore.

I live near Québec (Don’t blame me), i would to go to toronto in a few months (Maybe next year) to visit and discover Ontario. Why not meet you to play some shruthi’s, or just drinking a beer ! you could tell me which place are nice to see in Toronto !

Sure, let’s connect via email, piscione-at-sympatico-dot-ca.