Power Supply for multiple Shruthis and another issue

Hey all,

Has anyone found a decent power supply available in the US for powering at least 4 Shruthis and maybe an Anushri as well? I have a 1.5 amp Behringer Power the World adapter, but that is maybe good for two Shruthis. I have a nice rack mount power strip, but I want to get away from having it filled with wall warts. They take up their own outlet and the one next to it.

Another issue I am having is with my midi setup. I think it might be related to the power issue, but I am having a problem sorting it out so bear with me. I am running my evolution keyboard controller and MidiAlf into a older Yamaha midi merger. I then run the merged signal into my Yamaha midi thru box (YME8 I think is the model…its an old tank). So the merged signal is getting sent to 8 outputs. These are my Shruthis, MS2000, Anushri, PreenFM, and whatever else I decide to plug in. I run into problems when multiple Shruthis or 1 Shruthi and the MidiAlf are on the same power supply. When I do this all controls on my controller create noise as I move them…knobs, sliders, keys, etc. I also hear a clicking/clocking repeating tick noise. Turning down my mixer channel cuts the noise. If I shut everything down I isolate the noise to the midi thru box. If I turn that off the clicking goes away. Why does this only happen when I have multiple items on the same power supply? Why does this noise remain when I shut everything down except the midi merger and splitter? What is it about using the same power supply that makes my Yammy freak out? It is fine when they are powered separately. I just don’t get it. Maybe I am missing something here.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Have you checked out the 1spot adapters? There was recently a thread with a few owners and links

The Behringer is basically the same thing as the Visual Sound 1-Spot. I am looking for something that offers even more power.

I plan to buy a multiple guitar-pedal PSU to power all my MI gear.

Each one takes 300mAh, so finding a suitable one that pumps out, say 10 outputs, 5 Amps total at 9 volts and has pole reversal at each output (remember that most pedals have center negative needs) would work out for you.

The only one that I have independent is Ambika that requires AC.

I am not sure that product exists.

It does exist! One of the local Guitar Pedal manufacturers actually makes it.

Not exactly cheap (at current exchange rates, it is about 150 USD) but you get a regulated, clean PSU with 10 outputs.

I am sure that other similar products must exist from the bigger manufacturers

You probably have have some ground loop or noise coming thru from the midi splitter. If they are on a different wall wart they don’t have a ground connection together. There is a transformer in between.

It must be a ground loop. I just plugged in a second Shruthi with my other Shruthi and MidiAlf and it stopped. Unplugged it and then there is clicking again. I guess I should just keep them all plugged in and powered on when I turn on my power strip.

I can really recommend Voodoo Lab power supplies, such as their Pedal Power Digital. Just use the included inverse polarity cables and hook up the Shruthis, no audible hum whatsoever.

Thanks. I moved things around a bit and have avoided the noise.

I have noticed the my Shruthi Programmer likes its own power supply. Not sure why.